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Messenger Service Inc.

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Two Locations Serving The Pittsburgh Area

Messenger Service Inc.

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Two Locations Serving The Pittsburgh Area

Local Notary Services

At Messenger Service Inc, we've been providing residents in the Pittsburgh metro area with general notary services for decades. When you need an important document notarized, we'll witness your signatures and provide the required seal. Before stopping by one of our three offices, learn more about when you might need a notary.

What Services Does a Notary Perform?

Certain types of legal documents require signatures to be witnessed by a notary public. Examples include contracts, affidavits, deeds, trust documents, and wills. To become a notary public, applicants must meet the requirements established by the Pennsylvania Department of State. A notary ensures that the people signing a document are who they say they are. This means that you and anyone else who's having a document notarized must bring some form of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport. A notary public also makes sure that the people signing a document understand its contents and are not being forced to sign it by someone else.

When Do I Need a Notary?

Anytime you are involved in a transaction that requires a notarized document, such as transferring the title of a vehicle, you will need notary services. If a document is notarized, it can help protect you against fraud because its validity is assured. According to the National Notary Association, some of the most common notary services include:

  • Signature witnessing: This requires you to prove your identity and have this proof verified when you sign an official document.
  • Acknowledging a signature on a mortgage or deed: For this, you do not need to sign in front of a notary public. You are simply affirming that the signature on a document is yours.
  • Copy certification: A notary public must verify that a facsimile is a true and exact copy of an original document. This includes diplomas, bills of sale, driver's licenses, vehicle titles, and lease agreements.
  • Jurat: This involves swearing an oath or providing affirmation to the notary public that the contents of a document, such as an affidavit, are accurate.

If you need a full-service notary public, contact Messenger Service Inc. We have two convenient locations in the Pittsburgh area. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at 412-672-2221.


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